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Children and young peoples worlds 2 book cover

Children and young people's worlds

Montgomery, H. and Robb, M. (eds) (2018), Children and young people’s worlds, 2nd edn., Policy Press/The Open University

Drawing on insights from a range of disciplines, this book challenges assumptions and examines crucial issues in the field of childhood and youth studies, forming a holistic picture of the multifaceted lives of children and young people today. Includes a chapter by Robb and Ruxton on young men and gender identity. .

Different Childhoods

Different Childhoods

O’Dell, L., Brownlow, C., and Bertisldotter Rosqvist, H. eds (2017) Different childhoods: non/normative development and transgressive trajectories, London and New York: Routledge. 78-1-138-65404-4

The edited collection opens up new avenues for exploring children’s development as contextual, provisional and locally produced, rather than a unitary, universal and consistent process. The collection frames a critical exploration of the trajectory against which children are seen to be ‘different’ within three key themes: deconstructing ‘developmental tasks’, locating development and the limits of childhood. Examining the particular kinds of ‘transgressive’ development, contributors discuss instances of ‘difference’ including migration, work, assumptions of vulnerability, trans childhoods, friendships and involvement in crime. Including both empirical and theoretical discussions, the book builds on existing debates as part of the interrogation of ‘different childhoods’. Includes a chapter by Martin Robb and colleagues.

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