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New OU led films for BBC Morning Live

Pictured L-R: Morning Live presenters Helen Skelton, Gethin Jones and Michelle Ackerley.

In partnership with the BBC, academics from The Open University’s Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies (WELS) have led on six films for the popular BBC One show Morning Live.

Inspired by talks with OU academics and supported by their expertise, the thought-provoking and informative films explore a diverse range of topics, including cognitive behavioural therapy, language learning, and muscle loss.

The films will feature on Morning Live which broadcasts daily from 09.30 on BBC One. Supporting content is available online, on the OU Connect website, where you can watch each of the films and find interactive articles and videos to explore the film themes further.


Dr Zsuzsanna Barkanyi and Dr Ursula Stickler were the academic consultants for the film ‘Language Learning’, which explores ways to learn languages and that it’s never too late to start. They commented:

“We have noticed that particularly older students seem to be worried about learning a new language. As we know there is no reason for any concern, since speaking a language is not all or nothing. We are really pleased how it shows the success and the pleasure of language learning at any age and for any purpose.”

Nigel Wright was the academic consultant for the ‘Healthy’ Options and Muscle Loss films. ‘Healthy’ Options’ focuses on ultra-processed foods, explaining what they are and how to spot them. ‘Muscle Loss’ looks at muscle loss as we age and how we can combat it with resistance training and protein consumption.

Dr Joanne Jordan consulted on the ‘Lonely Bereavement’ film, which looks at supporting those who are grieving or have a terminal illness.

“The programme is a reminder that providing support to those around us who have been bereaved is so important. Nearly all of us will face the loss of someone we hold dear and helping each other at such times is something we can all do. As the programme shows, support can take many forms. What matters is the communication of care and concern. It can mean so much.

Dr Chris Kubiak provided his expertise to the Demystifying CBT’ film. This piece aims to break down the barriers to understanding cognitive behavioural therapy.

 ‘Hydration Ageing’ investigates the impacts of dehydration and what it means as we get older. Dr Jitka Vseteckova, consulting academic, said:

As we grow older, our metabolic rate slows down. All organs, such as the brain, heart, liver, and kidney, function slow down, too. This is part of the natural/physiological changes associated with ageing. Even mild dehydration slows our metabolic rate and our organ's function even more, in addition to the age-related changes, and usually, the older we are, the more adversely it can affect physical and mental performance.


NB: the films and their associated content will be made available after each broadcast.

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