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Efficacy of interval exercise training to improve vascular health in sedentary postmenopausal females (2022-08)
Lyall, Gemma K.; Birk, Gurpreet K.; Harris, Emma; Ferguson, Carrie; Riches‐Suman, Kirsten; Kearney, Mark T.; Porter, Karen E. and Birch, Karen M.
Physiological Reports, 10, Article e15441(16)

Development and user-testing of a digital patient decision aid to facilitate shared decision-making for people with stable angina (2022)
Harris, Emma; Conway, Dwayne; Jimenez-Aranda, Angel; Butts, Jeremy; Hedley-Takhar, Philippa; Thomson, Richard and Astin, Felicity
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 22, Article 143

Self-management support activities in primary care: A qualitative study to compare provision across common health problems (2020-12)
Harris, Emma; Barker, Caroline; Burton, Kim; Lucock, Mike and Astin, Felicity
Patient Education and Counseling, 103(12) (pp. 2532-2539)

Patients’ Experiences of Cardiovascular Health Education and Risk Communication: A Qualitative Synthesis (2020-01)
Mentrup, Stefanie; Harris, Emma; Gomersall, Tim; Köpke, Sascha and Astin, Felicity
Qualitative Health Research, 30(1) (pp. 88-104)

Night-time Noise Levels and Patients’ Sleep Experiences in a Medical Assessment Unit in Northern England (2020)
Astin, Felicity; Stephenson, John; Wakefield, Jonathan; Evans, Ben; Rob, Priyanka; Joanna, Garside and Harris, Emma
The Open Nursing Journal, 14(1) (pp. 80-91)

Design to improve patients' sleep experience in NHS hospital wards: involving students in solving 'real world' problems (2020)
Zitkus, Emilene; Harris, Emma; Miles, Gary and Astin, Felicity
Design for Health, 4(3) (pp. 345-364)

Association between glucocorticoid therapy and incidence of diabetes mellitus in polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis: a systematic review and meta-analysis (2017)
Lai, Lana Yin Hui; Harris, Emma; West, Robert M and Mackie, Sarah Louise
RMD Open, 4(1) (e000521)