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Worried sick: the emotional impact of cancer

Macmillan Cancer Support’s Worried Sick report presents a summary of the findings of a major quantitative survey conducted by Opinion Leader Research (OLR). The survey explores the impact of a cancer diagnosis on the lives of both people with cancer (who have received the diagnosis) and people affected by cancer (family members and friends who often help them cope with their cancer experience). Specifically our research objectives were to examine the impact of a cancer diagnosis on: • Living with cancer every day, including people’s experience of the cancer information and support system and the physical impact of cancer • People’s emotional well-being and relationships • People affected by cancer (informal carers, who may be a relative or friend) The research also aimed to establish any differences between the views and experiences of people living with or affected by cancer, and those who had never been affected by the disease.

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Macmillan cancer relief
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Macmillan Cancer Relief;References: p.24;Macmillan Cancer Support
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