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Malnutrition and caring : the hidden cost for families

Key points from this report about malnutrition: • Malnutrition is a hidden issue in the community which needs to be urgently tackled • Families are under stress and struggling to care without the right advice and support • Malnutrition is largely preventable and treatable • Earlier intervention will help to improve the quality of life for individuals and reap substantial cost savings to health and social care.

Related facts: • More than 3 million people in the UK are either malnourished or at risk of malnutrition1 • 93% of those individuals live in their own homes or with their family

Our survey found: • 74% of carers prepare all the meals for the person they care for • 25% care for someone who is underweight • 60% of carers worry about the nutrition of the person they care for • 55% of the people being cared for use nutritional supplements • 16% were caring for someone who was underweight and with a small appetite and were worried about their diet yet were not having any nutritional support of any kind.

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Carers UK;This report highlights that carers and families require additional support and advice on nutrition.It argues that early intervention can contribute to an improvement in quality of life as well as cost-savings in health and social care.