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Development of a position document for home care - wound care

Introduction and description of care: The management of non-healing wounds in Europe has gone through a dramatic shift in the location of service delivery from hospital towards home care settings. As a consequence more wounds with complex pathological pictures due to untreated patient co-morbidities are treated at home. There are no guidelines available covering the subject of home-care wound-management from a clinical perspective as well as no recommendations of minimal requirement of providing best care and supporting the empowerment of informal carers and patients with non-healing wounds in the home-care setting. Methods and aim: Based on literature reviews in combination with expert opinions from across sectors and areas of expertise a document was elaborated to give an overview of the main current approaches to the organisation of wound care within home-care settings, to identify possible barriers, challenges and opportunities for providing modern, cost-efficient, interdisciplinary wound care. The document has been developed in an intersectoral collaboration across European countries and organisations between the Tissue Viability Society (UK), Initiative Chronische Wunden (Germany), HomeCare Europe and EWMA. Thus, the focus is interdisciplinary and not tied to a specific health care system. Conclusion and discussion: Describing recommendations and raising a debate of how to manage non-healing wounds at home is of crucial importance for healthcare professionals, - providers, companies and policy makers as there is a tendency in home care of going towards employment of non-registered nurses. The document underlines the importance, scope, and level of the appropriate skills and gives recommendations for the interdisciplinary set-up required for wound care in the home-care setting.

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