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'Listen to what I'm saying': person centred care and the single assessment process

Person centred care means listening to people to find out what is most important to them and without making assumptions. Care is holistic, and centres on the whole person: who they are, their life before, and how they currently feel. The emphasis is on what the person can, rather than cannot do. This video shows health and social care professionals working directly with individuals and their carers. There are no actors, and no prepared scripts. The film shows what a difference a person centred approach makes to individuals with many/complex needs. It links the Single Assessment Process (SAP), as the person centred health and social care framework, with other Department of Health policies e.g. long term conditions with its emphasis on case management. It outlines key principles of person centred care that are evolving, including holistic assessment, personalised care plans, sharing information, continuity and coordination, and self care/self management. A feature of the film is to hear the views of the individuals and carers themselves in 3 Case Studies with a Social Worker, Community Matron and a Community Mental Health Nurse. 

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(37 mins. + 3 shorter films), DVD