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NSW Carers Strategy 2014-2019

The NSW Carers Strategy 2014-2019 outlines the NSW Government’s vision and commitment to improving the lives of carers over the five-year period.

The NSW Carers Strategy is a five year plan to improve the position of carers in NSW. The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) led development of the NSW Carers Strategy with assistance from carers, the Ministry for Health and Carers NSW.

Carers NSW supports the vision, the five focus areas and the actions and commitments in the NSW Carers Strategy 2014-2019. 

The Strategy's vision is that: 

  • Carers and caring are respected and valued
  • Carers have the time and energy to care for themselves
  • Carers have the same rights, choices and opportunities as other members of the community

The commitments in the Strategy are based on practical actions and approaches that will make a difference in the lives of carers, in the five focus areas of:

  • Employment and education
  • Carer health and wellbeing
  • Information and community awareness
  • Carer engagement
  • Improving the evidence base

Over the next five years the NSW Carers Strategy will be implemented in collaboration with carers, the private sector, non-government organisations and government to achieve better and long lasting outcomes for carers. Carers NSW will play a key role in leading a number of the actions in partnership with other agencies.

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