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Expert knowledge: a carer's perspective

In this chapter the author recounts her personal experiences of being a carer for her son and her interaction with social services in Scotland. The author's son is now over 30 years old and is on the autistic spectrum, has obsessive compulsive disorder and a learning disability. She recounts the early difficulties she had in dealing with health and educational professionals as she tried to achieve the best possible care for her son. Many of the professionals she encountered were unable to appreciate the importance of integrating her son into as many normal daily activities as possible. Communicating with health professionals was difficult and at times she felt ignored or treated as a token presence. Gradually she became more involved in support groups for carers, using her own experiences to advising on training matters and act as advocates for carers. She is now a member of the Carers and User Group at the University of Dundee.

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Service user and carer involvement: beyond good intentions

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