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  2. Meaning in stroke family caregiving: A literature review

Meaning in stroke family caregiving: A literature review

Meaning plays an important role in stroke family caregiving. Understanding meaning facilitates the development of effective interventions that support stroke family caregivers. However, knowledge about this subject is fragmented and sparse. This review fills this knowledge gap by examining existing findings regarding meanings in stroke family caregiving. Specifically, a search of seven databases and a manual search produced a total of five articles for review. Embedded in the lived experience of caregivers, meanings in stroke family caregiving were interpreted as a physical, psychological, and social suffering: an obligation resulting from moral ethics, religion doctrines, others' expectations, and social norms and a subjective choice based on love, hope, and a sense of reciprocity. However, the detailed process of how and when caregivers identify meaning in caregiving needs further exploration. To gain a full picture of meaning in caregiving, more studies should be conducted among stroke family caregivers from different cultural, economic, and social backgrounds.

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