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Meaning in Stroke Family Caregiving in China: A Phenomenological Study

Meaning in caregiving plays an influential role in stroke family caregiver's perception and adaptation to caregiving. Although the role meaning plays in stroke family caregiving has been recognized, knowledge about this subject among the Chinese population is fragmented and sparse. Therefore, a hermeneutic phenomenological study was conducted as a first step in a program of research focused on Chinese caregivers utilizing a purposive sample of five stroke family caregivers living in China to explore the meaning of the lived caregiving experience. Data were collected through in-depth interviews and analyzed by a phenomenological hermeneutic interpretation. Meaning in stroke family caregiving was interpreted as suffering, an obligation, a personal choice, a meaningful opportunity, and a natural part of living. These meanings were dynamic and interconnected and were affected deeply by the Chinese culture in how caregivers experience, interpret, and cope with caregiving. Findings highlight the need to understand the culture-shaped meanings in caregiving to better support family caregivers and develop culturally tailored interventions.

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