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Protecting the elderly through and beyond the Covid-19 lockdown

Extract: ...Add to this the knowledge that assaults and domestic murders surge by as much as 25% during a festive season - a time of increased financial strain and closer proximity of family members - and the present Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, the current environment for older people looks deeply concerning. Caregiver support interventions Stemming from the theoretical risk model of 'caregiver stress theory', caregiver support interventions seek to alleviate the stress and burden of caring for an older person by providing key services (including meal preparation, housekeeping help or day care, or broader caregiving help through educational, teaching coping strategies or support groups). There is help and support available for informal carers from Citizens Advice, and from local councils on a range of issues from making daily life easier to benefit claims * Have a conversation about practical arrangements for the future, e.g. 'Have you thought about future decision-making for health and financial matters?'; 'Do you feel confident managing your money?' Empowering older people to seek out knowledge to help plan their future can safeguard from abuse.

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