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Building Capacity for Caregiver Education in Yap, Micronesia

The US Affiliated Pacific Islands have an urgent need for family caregiver education to prevent caregiver burnout and strengthen the existing culture where seniors are cared for at home by their families. The Pacific Islands Geriatric Education Center conducted a 32-hour family caregiver train-the-trainer workshop in partnership with the Yap Department of Health Services and the Yap Area Health Education Center (AHEC) from October 16 - 20, 2017. Twenty-seven participants including community health workers, peer educators, health assistants, nurses, and physicians were trained as instructors. Confidence in caregiving increased following the training and feedback was extremely positive. Competence in geriatric syndromes was improved after attending the workshop (P < .001). Lessons from the field revealed an immense value of adding home visits to the training practicum as well as the need to translate caregiving handouts into the outer island languages. Yap AHEC is committed to offering this course as part of caregiver education at the hospital and in the community. 

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