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Video-consulted rounds with caregivers: The experience of patients with cancer

This study aim to explore how adult patients admitted to an oncology ward experience video-consulted rounds with caregivers as a mean for family involvement. The methodological framework for the study was Interpretative phenomenological analysis. Participant observations during video-consulted rounds and semi-structured interviews were conducted between November 2018 and March 2019 at the Department of Oncology, Odense University Hospital, Denmark. 15 patients participated in the study. Overall, patients experienced video-consulted rounds as a satisfactory way of involving their families in rounds while also creating a sense of presence and comfort. Appropriate positioning of stakeholders could influence the experience of virtual rounds. Limitations included the lack of physical care from caregivers, specifically when patients discussed serious matters with health care professionals. Furthermore, patients experienced challenges in reading body language when communicating virtually with their families. The study provides important knowledge regarding patients' experiences with video-consulted rounds with caregivers. In concordance with patients' experiences, video-consulted rounds can offer a family centered way to involve caregivers in patient rounds. However, there should be awareness in regard to how the technology is used and to which context it is applied. • Caregivers involvement in patient rounds is pivotal, yet challenged. • Video consulted rounds with caregivers is valued by patients with cancer. • Video consulted rounds offer a family centered approach in patient care. • Reflected use of the video technology is required for optimum use.

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