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The Role of Beliefs and Psychological Factors in Caring of Patients With Cancer

Background: Cancer affects not only the patient but also family members as informal caregivers. In order for family caregivers to achieve balance and improve their caregiving roles, it is essential to identify the beliefs and psychological aspects affecting them. Methods: The present study was carried out qualitatively with a descriptive phenomenological design in 2020. The main participants in this study were selected from one of the major referral centers for cancer patients in West Azerbaijan Province, located in northwestern, Iran. Twenty-two family caregivers were selected through a purposive sampling method. Findings: Data analysis showed that the 3 main themes of “emotional and religious preconceptions,” “feeling committed to caring for beloveds,” and “resilience” played a prominent role in family caregivers. These factors led to caregivers' commitment to and responsibility for care. Holistic care necessitates consideration of all aspects of human life. The results of this study led to an understanding of the complex tendencies and feelings of family caregivers. Conclusions: Based on the results, it was found that care is influenced by beliefs, religious preconceptions, sociocultural, and psychological factors. Identifying these variables helps medical staff share planning, interventions, and counseling with family caregivers and address issues that affect them.

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