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Self-Management of Dementia by Family Carers: A Scoping Review

Background: Family carers increasingly take on the responsibility of self-management of dementia as the condition progresses. However, research on this topic is scarce. Objectives: This scoping review aimed to identify the key characteristics related to self-management of dementia by carers including its components, theoretical/conceptual frameworks that underpinned these components and measurements. Methods: A scoping review was conducted in 8 databases and 16 publications met the inclusion criteria. Results: Twenty-two components were identified and grouped into two categories: activities and carer characteristics and skills. The identified theoretical/conceptual frameworks were numerous and varied as were the measures. There was a little consistency of the key characteristics of self-management of dementia by carers. Conclusions: The findings assist carers and healthcare providers to understand the components involved in self-managing dementia which will guide the development and delivery of self-management support interventions for carers. Further research is required to validate these findings and to develop specialized conceptual frameworks and measures. 

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