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Sleep disturbance and sleep insufficiency in primary caregivers and their children with cystic fibrosis

Background: Chronically ill children and their parents are at risk for sleep disorders and associated morbidity. Sleep disturbance prevalence and the relationships between parent and child sleep among children with CF are not well defined. Clarifying the presence and impact of sleep disturbances among pediatric CF patients and their parents could lead to improved health in this population. Methods: Cross-sectional study assessing parent-reported sleep in ninety-one CF patients (mean age 8.8 years; 53.8% female) and their primary caregivers. Sleep sufficiency determined using American Academy of Sleep Medicine guidelines; correlation coefficients computed for sleep problem domains; stepwise multiple linear regression determined predictive models for sleep duration. Results: Parents reported concerns about their own sleep and that of their children. Night waking and daytime sleepiness were most common in parents; prolonged sleep latency was most common for children. Most parents and children had inadequate sleep duration. School-age children had the highest frequencies of overall sleep concerns and inadequate sleep. Most parent and child sleep problem domains were significantly associated, with large effects for similar parent and child problems. Stepwise multiple linear regression demonstrated that CF caregiver/patient sleep duration was significantly predicted by insomnia symptoms. Conclusions: Many CF children and their parents experience sleep difficulties including inadequate sleep duration, with presence of sleep problems in many families whose children with CF had normal lung function. These data suggest that sleep health should be a CF Care Model component and should be a health care focus for families of children with other chronic illness.

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