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Essence of care 2010: benchmarks for the prevention and management of pain

The Essence of Care benchmarks are a tool to help healthcare practitioners take a patient-focused and structured approach to sharing and comparing practice. There are 12 benchmarks in total. This document provides the benchmarks for pain, so that people and carers experience individualized, timely and supportive care that anticipates, recognizes and manages pain and optimizes function and quality of life. It starts by considering the general indicators that apply to every factor: people’s experience; diversity and individual needs; effectiveness; consent and confidentiality; people, carer and community members’ participation; leadership; education and training; documentation; service delivery; safety; and safeguarding. It then lists the factors specific to pain, together with their supporting indicators. The factors are: access; people and carer participation; assessment; care planning, interventions, evaluation, review and prevention; knowledge and skills; self-management; partnership working; and service evaluation and audit.

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