• We create spaces that invite challenging, respectful and constructive debate about research issues that advance global discourses on development.
  • We co-create knowledge from research and in a way which respects and values the experience, skills and knowledge all bring to research collaboration and knowledge exchange. 
  • We maintain a relationship with research partners based on mutual respect of their cultures, traditions and institutional practices, because we strongly believe that global development requires an all-inclusive culture of mutual learning. 


  • We welcome creative and alternative approaches to research that deepens our understanding of lived experiences and helps us to develop global development policies that have the potential to improve human wellbeing. 
  • We encourage approaches to research which avoid pre-set ideas about how we can understand development and embrace research approaches that are context-sensitive, do not promote a deficit notion of others and pay attention to reality through the eyes of research participants. 
  • We take seriously the environmental impacts and implications of research and how technology can be used to minimise this impact.


  • Our research aims to produce knowledge that betters the world of disadvantaged and marginalised groups. To achieve this our research aims to improve our understanding of their worlds and is honest about whose needs are being furthered by research undertaken under the umbrella of the Centre.
  • We engage generously at Centre events by sharing our individual learning about research to enrich the work of colleagues whose work is aimed at building theory, developing policy or improving practice.
  • We are committed to keeping up to date with key debates in development research and reflecting on the relevance of our research to these debates.

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