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Applied Linguistics and Literacies research group

Welcome to the Applied Linguistics and Literacies Research Group (ALLRG). Members of this group explore the role of language and literacies across a range of everyday professional, educational, social, health and media contexts. We seek to understand how language is both the means by which society is governed and existing social hierarchies are maintained, but also how people express identities, create communities and challenge unequal and divisive relations of power. Our research includes a focus on English as an international language, social media communication, professional and academic literacies, language and poverty, language and gender, media discourse, language and creativity, health discourse, language assessment, translanguaging and multilingualism. We adopt a range of research methodologies including linguistic ethnography, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, narrative analysis and multimodality. Our research has growing relevance for a number of societal challenges in which language and communication play a role, and we collaborate with policy makers and practitioners in a range of domains to ensure that our research has a positive impact on society.

We welcome applications for PhDs in any of the research areas listed above.

For more information, please contact the convenor Jaspal Singh.