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Open Languages Research Group

Welcome to the Open Languages Research Group (OLRG). Members of OLRG focus on language learning and teaching in a range of contexts, covering research areas such as distance, open and online language teaching, professional teacher development, digital pedagogies, education policies, language acquisition, assessment and testing, classroom interaction, intercultural communication, phonology and phonetics, and educational access and inclusion. Our publications in this area tackle topics such as marginalisation in virtual exchanges, academic literacy and tuition strategies, the teaching of pronunciation in the language curriculum, peer interaction in language MOOCs, attitudes to language learning, and other aspects. Our research has immediate relevance for educational and societal challenges in which language and communication play a role, and we collaborate with policy makers and practitioners to ensure that our research has a positive and sustainable impact on education and society. 

We welcome applications for PhDs in any of the research areas listed above. 

For more information, please contact the convenor Zsuzsanna Bárkányi