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Ageing and later life (CABS)

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Ageing and later life (CABS)

Based at The Open University, the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS) was established in 1995 as a centre for gerontology and biographical research. The founder members believed that the experience and aspirations of older people should be at the core of research and teaching on ageing. This includes involving older people in various ways as research partners and advisors.

Since 1995 our research has expanded to include quantitative, qualitative, action research and mixed methods.

The core aims of CABS remain:

  • a commitment to ethical research
  • a mission to develop appropriate methodologies
  • a search to develop links between theory, research, policy and practice.

To achieve these aims, our work combines theory, critical thinking, multidisciplinary partnerships, and multiple methods to engage with policy, practice and teaching. This has resulted in groundbreaking research.

Our international doctoral students researching multiple aspects of ageing are integral to CABS, and several PhD graduates have continued as CABS researchers and teachers.