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Welcome to EC@OU

We explore and promote high quality Early Childhood Education and Care for all children and those supporting them in different capacities.  We engage in research and teaching to extend knowledge and understanding about Early Childhood.  Our research creates a space for critical reflection about values, beliefs and practical realities including social justice, advocacy, the nature of high-quality experiences and children’s rights.  Through our research we challenge everyday narratives and assumptions around children’s capabilities, experiences, practitioners and the provision of services to make meaningful connections between communities of practice.

More information can be found on the Early Childhood Blog page, where we discuss all aspects of our work and interests, from child development to innovative research approaches as well as reflections on events that we have delivered or attended. We also have contributions from guest bloggers sharing their latest work and thoughts so if you are interested in finding out more please have a look.

The following pages give you the opportunity to read about our research, the projects we are involved with, and the teaching and professional development areas that we specialise in.  You can find more details about the team and their research in the downloadable booklet. If you require any further information, please email Joanne Josephidou (