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RSSH Seminar Series 2022-23

The Open University research group on Reproduction, Sexualities & Sexual Health (RSSH) is running an online seminar series on issues related to the group’s work, including LGBTIQ rights, abortion access, youth, HIV stigma and sexual health.

Unlike other academic seminars, the RSSH series brings practitioners and researchers together for an informal discussion using an ‘in conversation with...’ style, similar to a podcast.

Our seminar series is all about creating a space for fellow researchers, practitioners, and activists in the RSSH field to connect on key issues and learn from each other. By using a podcast style format, we hope to strengthen accessibility and widen participation. Our aim is to inspire and share learnings among our international, multidisciplinary audiences.” Elizabeth Ascroft, WELS Research student and RSSH group member.

The series kicked off in October 2022, with a talk on Crossing borders to access safe abortion.

All seminars in the series are available to attend live online (see upcoming talks below). Each talk will also be recorded and uploaded as podcast episodes on Spotify.

If you have any questions or would like to propose a topic, please contact one of the group’s three PhD Students:

Hoping to hear from you and to see you at one of our seminars!

You can also keep up with the Reproduction, Sexualities, and Sexual Health seminars by joining our mailing list.

Upcoming talks

More events to come in 2023, including language use and stigma around menstrual health... watch this space!

Series recordings - The RSSH Podcast on Spotify

The RSSH Podcast can now also be found on Apple, Google, and Anchor.

Mobility and Accessibility – Crossing borders to access safe abortion with speakers Mara Clarke (Abortion Support Network) and Dr Cordelia Freeman (University of Exeter)

- - -

Trans and gender-diverse experiences within clinical sexual health settings with speakers Dr Anastacia Tomson (medical doctor and activist) and Diana Moreno (Director of Advocacy, Pro Familia Colombia)

- - -

HIV & Digital Health - Digital solutions to meet the needs of communities affected by HIV with speakers Dr Emily Jay Nicholls (UCL), Simon Moore (Avert), and Rach Hart (Preptrack), facilitated by Dr Tom Witney (OU & UCL)