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Minimum level of support required from employers

It is essential that students have the support of their employer who will arrange practice learning opportunities and appoint a Practice Educator to mentor you, as well as give you study leave and time off for the external period of practice. To ensure appropriate support is in place, it is a requirement that students are formally sponsored on at least the two practice learning modules involving 100-day periods of practice, K216 and K315.

Many employers sponsor students throughout their studies and pay all fees. However, if your employer is supportive in principle, but not yet in a position to sponsor you or pay your fees, or you are uncertain whether you want to study for the full degree, it is possible for you to undertake some courses on an independent basis outside the programme:

*The open version KYJ113 has a different code but it is the same module as K113 and you will be able to count it towards the Social Work degree subject to your meeting the entry requirements and securing sponsorship from your employer. If you are unable to register for the Social Work degree within two years of completing the module, you will need to redo the preparation for practice element which will be treated as an entry requirement.