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Health and social care

Elderly man with female care worker

What can be done to ensure health and wellbeing for everyone? How can we be sure that people will get the services and care they need? What are the essentials of good practice in health and social care?

Health and social care services are changing rapidly – care is increasingly complex with challenges such as continuity of care, increasing longevity, health improvement, management of long term conditions, rehabilitation, dementia and end-of-life care.

Whether you work in health and social care services, are a carer or a service user or have a personal interest in the subject, health and social care is a fascinating area to study – personally rewarding and offering qualifications to open up career opportunities for you in a sector which is growing and will always need staff.

Relevant to your career

Our qualifications and modules are benchmarked against employer requirements, studying with us will equip you with the knowledge and skills essential for working in health and social care.

You will also be studying alongside a range of health and social care practitioners, carers and service users – so you’ll get an understanding of different perspectives and of the increasingly diverse and interagency nature of this sector.

Study a range of health and social care topics

As you study with us, you’ll explore the wide range of practices and settings that make up this sector – families, primary health care, advocacy organisations, social care in the community, health and wellbeing settings, and acute care in hospitals. You’ll explore how practice is shaped by the institutional, multi-agency and wider societal context placing your understanding within current political imperatives. And you will build an understanding of a wide range of service user groups including older people, children, young people and families, those with learning and physical disabilities, long term conditions, acute health needs and sexual and reproductive health issues.

At the heart of your study is a focus on improving the experience and outcomes for people using a range of services. What is needed to respect diverse voices and needs? How does person-centred care balance practitioner expertise with service user voice? What does the evidence say about best practice?

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