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Supporting carers : early interventions and better outcomes

Over the last two years we have been working together to take forward the National Carers' Strategy, published in 2008, in the context of more personalised support and sustained independence for carers and service users. This paper is the third in a sequence of short reviews designed to stimulate debate and improve the support for carers. At a time when we face many challenges around resources it is doubly important that we keep our sights firmly on the improved outcomes that can be secured through early intervention and preventative support. The review contains five key messages. They support the current policy advice on personalisation and eligibility for support. They highlight the good evidence that does exist, but also point to a need for a much stronger evidence base around which service users, carers, commissioners and providers can better judge how well we are doing. These aspects are all relevant to achievement of the aims of the national strategy for carers that we have signed up to. In summary, a stronger focus on better outcomes and value and the ability to evidence this through innovation, partnership with carers and by taking the opportunities locally to secure a strategic shift towards prevention and early intervention is needed

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Princess Royal Trust for Carers;This review paper presents some evidence for early intervention and its connection with better outcomes for both carers and those they support.
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