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Personal social services survey of adult carers in England, 2014-15

The Personal Social Services Survey of Adult Carers in England is a biennial survey that took place for the second time in 2014-15. The survey covers informal, unpaid carers aged 18 or over, caring for a person aged 18 or over, where the carer has been assessed or reviewed, either separately or jointly with the cared-for person, by social services during the 12 months prior to the sample being identified. Carers were sent questionnaires, issued by Councils with Adult Social Services Responsibilities (CASSRs), in the period October to November 2014, to seek their opinions on a number of topics that are considered to be indicative of a balanced life alongside their caring role. Further information about the survey, including the methodology, can be found in the 'Methodology and Further Information' document in the Resources section of this page.

National-level information is provided in this report. Annex files containing further national-level data, and data for all CASSRs in England, and the data used to produce this report (as a CSV file) are available in the Resources section below.

A weighting methodology has been introduced for the 2014-15 survey. Although the impact of this change is small, in order to be able to make direct comparisons over time, the results from the 2012-13 survey have been recalculated using this new methodology, and any comparisons made to 2012-13 data in this report refer to these re-calculated figures. Consequently, 2012-13 figures presented in this report may not be an exact match to those in the original, experimental statistics release for 2012-13. The full set of recalculated results for 2012-13 are available in an annex table. The time series annex presents 2012-13 results calculated using the new weighting methodology. Further details about the new weighting methodology and other changes to the survey as compared to 2012-13 are available in the methodological change notice for this report, which is available via the Related Links section of this page.

Findings from the survey are used to populate a number of measures in the Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework (ASCOF); these outcome scores will be published as part of the full suite of ASCOF outcomes on 6 October.

CASSRs reported that 286,910 carers were assessed or reviewed in the 12 months prior to the 2014-15 survey. 57,380 out of a sample of 131,105 carers responded to the survey, which is a response rate of 44 per cent (down two percentage points from 2012-13).

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