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266 Patient and Carers Experience of an Acute Care at Home Team: A Service Evaluation

Background The Aim of the Acute Care at Home Team is to provide acute care to over 65's in the patient's own home, providing assessment and treatment of acute conditions such as pneumonia, urinary sepsis and heart failure. It is a multidisciplinary team that works together to streamline services to enable a patient to stay safely in their own home. A full comprehensive geriatric assessment is carried out in all patients to help improve patient outcomes. The patients have full access to in patient services such as scans, and x-rays. All blood tests are treated as urgent to ensure the patient is in no way disadvantaged by being treated by acute care at home compared with hospital care. The aims and objectives are to explore patient and family experiences and identify any areas for improvement. Methods A service users and carers experience Questionnaire (N=31) was used to gain insight into how satisfied the patient or family were with the service and what the experience was like having the team come into their home. Results Patient satisfaction with this Acute Care at Home Team was reported at 100%. Patients were happy with the care they received, 100% of patients were happy with staff's knowledge of their condition and treatment plan. All of the respondents stated they would both recommend the service and use it again. The qualitative responses were in keeping with 100% satisfaction in that they were positive in nature. Conclusion This service evaluation has shown that patient and carer experience of this Acute Care at Home Team is a positive one, with 100% satisfaction levels. There are some small areas to be improved upon, however the results show this service is providing the over 65 population with a good experience of being treated at home as an alternative to hospital care when acutely unwell. 

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