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Adapting Project RED to Skilled Nursing Facilities

This article describes our recommendation for adapting hospital-based RED (Reengineered Discharge) processes to skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Using focus groups, the SNFs’ discharge processes were assessed twice additionally, research staff then recorded field notes documenting discussions about facility discharge processes as they related to RED processes. Data were systematically analyzed using thematic analysis to identify recommendations for adapting RED to the SNF setting including (a) rapidly identifying, involving, and preparing family/caregivers to implement a patient focused SNF discharge plan; (b) reconnecting patients quickly to primary care providers; and (c) educating patients at discharge about their target health condition, medications, and impact of changes on other chronic health needs. Limited SNF staff capacity and corporate-level policies limited adoption of some key RED components. Transitional care processes such as RED, developed to avoid discharge problems, can be adapted for SNFs to improve their discharges.

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