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Fair access to care services (FACS) 2010 training module

This e-learning training module aims to support re-orientation and re-skilling of staff directly involved in decision-making using Fair access to care services (FACS) and eligibility criteria, their supervisors and line managers, and those monitoring and reporting on the operations of the system. Sections cover the implications for practice of the revised FACS guidance; what FACS says about assessment, support planning, reviews and transitions; supporting carers; and the financial implications of FACS 2010, including resource allocation systems, personal budgets, and self-funding and charging. The module also includes a series of cases to test your assessment skills. [NB As of April 1 2015, this course has been de-listed and is no longer available. Fair access to care has now been wholly replaced by new practice and guidance described in the Care Act 2014].

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