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Becoming a family caregiver of a patient living with cancer

Background: There is insufficient information on how the burden of caregiving is affected when the family caregiver is a health professional. Studies are needed to investigate this issue.; Aims: The purpose of this study was to reveal difficulties experienced by a nurse family caregiver offering care to a family member diagnosed with end-stage cancer and how she coped with these difficulties.; Methods: This was an autoethnographic study.; Findings: Findings were grouped under three headings: being both a researcher and a subject; effects of caregiving; and coping.; Conclusions: Offering care to a cancer patient has many physiological and psychological effects. If a family caregiver is a health professional, his/her caregiving burden can be even higher. Cultural values affect both life and coping ways of caregivers. It should be kept in mind that family caregivers need support from health professionals whatever their occupations are. Support to caregivers plays an important role in their coping.

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