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  2. Culturally adapted psychoeducation among family caregivers of schizophrenic clients: A scoping review

Culturally adapted psychoeducation among family caregivers of schizophrenic clients: A scoping review

Background: As psychoeducation was originally developed from Western, this intervention should be integrated with a culture to obtain effective outcomes. However, how culturally adapted psychoeducation on family caregivers of schizophrenic client developed in the previous studies has not been systematically documented. Objective: The purpose of this review was to map culturally adapted psychoeducation in the previous studies. Methods: This scoping review followed Arksey and O’Malley approach. Inclusion criteria including family caregiver, culture, psychoeducation, and schizophrenia. Non-primary and non-experiment studies, non-English language, and non-free articles were excluded from the study. Advanced search technique used keywords family caregiver, culture, psychoeducation, schizophrenia on CINAHL, PubMed, and PsycInfo databases. Screening was done by checking duplication, title, and abstract. Full text of relevant articles was read in detail to select eligible articles. Selection results were described in the PRISMA flowchart. Data were analyzed after these were extracted and resumed on the table. Results: A total of eight studies were included in this review. More than half of articles used randomized control trial but these studies did not conduct follow-up. Most of studies were in Asia (6) and it conducted in the outpatient department (6). Almost all studies modified multifamily group psychoeducation with culture theories. The longest duration of intervention was 12 months. Multidiscipline health professional delivered the intervention and most of them were psychiatrist. Coping was the most family caregiver outcomes in reviewed studies. Conclusion: Limited studies were obtained in various ethnics and ways. Further studies need to measure effectiveness of the intervention in long-term effect. 

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