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Seminars and events 2023-2024

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Autumn seminar October 25th, 2023
Winter seminar February 14th, 2024
Spring seminar June 5th, 2024

Seminars and events 2022-23

Dr Wendy Turner Senior Lecturer HWSC and Debbie Humphrey Research Fellow HWSC will report on their participatory youth project focusing upon …. LCPP to supply.

Open Societal Challenge: Next meeting

Our vision is the creation of a sustainable Four Nations Advisory Panel of young people, which will realise CYP’s rights, and inform OU research, policies, integrity and practice: the Open Children and Young People’s Research Advisory Panel (OCYPRAP). This will be an innovative cross Faculty collaboration, which will be supported by a framework for continual improvement of CYP-centred best practice, to optimise research expertise in CYP’s wellbeing. CYP health and wellbeing is a major UK societal challenge which is complex and multiple-dimensional (Casas & Frønes, 2020). Those living in disadvantaged circumstances are disproportionately impacted regarding health, educational and other outcomes. National policies have had negligible impact upon CYP wellbeing.

Achieving Effective Informed Consent

Researchers working with CYP strive to provide the most appropriate, comprehensive and understandable information about their research... in a way that is accessible to CYP … so that CYP can make informed decisions about engaging and continuing to take part in research.

This principle is one that is easy to embrace but much harder to implement in practice.

Working with the OU HREC, we are scoping a potential project which could result in a range of resources, templates and innovative methods of providing information and securing informed consent that support CYP participants and CYP researchers. We are interested in hearing from colleagues about challenges they have experienced and good practice they or others have deployed.

Seminar and events 2021-22

What’s special about researching with children and young people about wellbeing? An opportunity to explore key challenges and good practice.

Monday, 25th of April 2022. 15:00 – 17:00(GMT)

Sam Goodlife (Open University)

Dr Victoria Cooper (Open University)

Engaging children and young people in the management of their own wellbeing.

Wednesday 2nd November 2022 13:30-15:00 (GMT)

Prof. Joan Simons, (Open University) Co-Director CCW and Head of School HWSC - “Improving the management of children’s pain in hospital”.

Linda Plowright-Pepper, (Open University) and Mark Stokes (Leap Head of children and young people) “Young People’s Activity Choices”.