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Joan Simons

Joan is Co-Director of CCW. Her research expertise is in child health including obesity, and children’s pain management. Joan has developed a new model of children’s pain management harnessing global best practice across the UK (Liverpool), Sweden (Gothenburg) and Australia (Sydney). She Is now studying the implications of this model, seeking views of specialist pain management teams in children's units and hospitals across the UK. Joan’s pain management research has been supported by WellChild – The National Charity for Sick Children and a Florence Nightingale Foundation Travel Scholarship. Joan’s expertise in child health has supported the production of major BBC-OU co-produced television programmes on health, wellbeing and obesity such as Great Ormond Street, Trust Me I’m a Doctor, The Truth about Obesity, and Britain’s Fat Fight.

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Mimi Tatlow-Golden

Mimi is Co-Director of CCW. Through the lenses of topics such as food, digital media, school, self-concept, and fun, Mimi examines how children and young people’s experiences and subjectivities interact with, are constructed by, or resist, systems and expectations that the adult world devises. Examples are psychological researchers’ constructions of self-concept, or school ‘readiness’; or food marketers’ targeting of children. She also has a particular interest in digital marketing/ data ecosystems and their implications for children’s rights. Mimi collaborates globally with academics in food marketing, law, rights and public health, and with agencies such as the World Health Organization, Unicef and the European Commission. Her research and policy engagements have been funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Irish Heart Foundation, the European Commission, Safefood, the Irish Heart Foundation, the Nordic Council of Ministers and Health Canada among others.

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For our research and knowledge exchange, we collaborate with a number of colleagues within and beyond The Open University. For more details about these collaborators and projects, see our Projects and Publications sections.