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Here to With It.. Book cover

Naomi Anna Watson

Here to With It.. Experiences and Perceptions of Black British African Caribbean People about Nursing Careers

African Caribbean people have been major supporters of the British National Health Service (NHS) from its inception in 1948. It is widely argued that it would have never survived without their support. However, the extent to which they were valued and appreciated while undertaking difficult, challenging NHS jobs has been questioned, with well documented reports of institutional racism, discrimination and lack of promotion to senior positions. This research text highlights the voices of British migrant children and young people, responding to diminishing numbers of Black nurses in the NHS. Also available from Amazon

Inside the Ivory Tower. Book cover

Deborah Gabriel and Shirley Anne Tate

Inside the Ivory Tower: Narratives of women of colour surviving and thriving in British academia

The perspectives, experiences and career trajectories of women of colour in British academia reveal a space dominated by whiteness and patriarchy. Facing daily experiences that range from subtle microagressions to overt racialised and gendered abuse, the contributors describe how they are compelled to develop strategies for survival and success.



Helena Ann Mitchell, Helen Allan, Tina Koch

Guyanese expatriate women ask: ‘Is it a touch of sugar?’

Eight Guyanese expatriate women, who had been living in and around London for decades, came together driven by a participatory inquiry approach. Do we just have ‘a touch of sugar’ or is diabetes a serious affliction were questions asked.

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Special Section on The health and wellbeing of black women in the Atlantic Diaspora

A list of articles covering The health and wellbeing of black women in the Atlantic Diaspora available to view via the tandfonline website (access to the full text may require registration).

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