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About us

We are an international, interdisciplinary team bringing together expertise in sociolinguistics, feminist scholarship, education, international development and the political economy along with local context knowledge.

Principal Investigator, Kristina Hultgren, interviewing an economics teacher in Nepal

Principal Investigator, Kristina Hultgren, interviewing an economics teacher in Nepal.

Core team



Professor Kristina Hultgren, Principal Investigator

Professor Freda Wolfenden, Co-Investigator

Dr Lorena Lombardozzi, Co-Investigator


Dr. Aishat Umar, Research Associate, Nigeria

Dr. Amina Adamu, Research Associate, Nigeria

Dr. Peter Wingrove, Research Associate

Dr. Lauren Alex O'Hagan, Research Associate

Dr. Mari Greenfield, Research Associate 

Kimberly Safford, Research Associate

Local researchers in Nigeria and Nepal collected the data to ensure trust and understanding was built with participants. 

Local researchers Dr. Aishat Umar (left) and Dr. Amina Adamu (right) interviewing head teacher (middle) in school in Nigeria.

Local researcher Anu Upadhaya in Nepal.

Steering Committee

Professor Kwame Akyeampong, The Open University

Dr. Lizzi Milligan, University of Bath

Dr. Prithvi Shrestha, The Open University

Dr. Saraswati Dawadi, The Open University

Past Team Members

Dr. Pramod Sah, Co-Principal Investigator, 11 April 2022 – 15 August 2022

Anu Upadhaya, Research Assistant, 11 April 2022 – 7 October 2022