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  2. Caring on the breadline: the financial implications of caring: executive summary

Caring on the breadline: the financial implications of caring: executive summary

This report presents findings of a questionnaire-based survey of the financial position of carers in the UK conducted by the Carers National Association (CNA), the starting point of which was that government carers strategies published recently for England and Scotland have omitted to address carers' financial problems. The survey suggested that a large proportion of carers providing substantial care are faced with financial hardship. The report presents a detailed account of the effects of caring on income and finances, the diversity of needs according to the age, ethnic background, and benefit status of carers, and the changes which carers would perceive to be most beneficial. A concluding chapter sets out the CNA's recommendations for reducing poverty and social exclusion among carers, and promoting paid employment and recognition of the value of the work of carers. An appendix contains the questionnaire. References cited at the end of each chapter.

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Carers' national association
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Carers' National Association;20-25 Glasshouse Yard, London EC1A 4JT;Includes bibliographical references Title from cover;researched and written by Emily Holzhausen and Vicky Pearlman; edited by Annie Jackson
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