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Construction and validation of self-care educational technology for caregivers

OBJECTIVES: to build and validate educational self-care technology for informal caregivers. METHODS: methodological study, anchored in the Delphi technique, carried out in a municipality in the state of Paraná, Brazil, between September 2018 and November 2019. It was developed in three stages: situational diagnosis; elaboration of educational technology; content and appearance validation by expert judges and informal caregivers, using the content validity index and coefficient of variation. RESULTS: after the steps of the methodological process, an educational technology called "Taking Care of Those Who Care" was produced, as an information tool that deals with the self-care of informal caregivers, receiving a content validity index above 0.86 and a variation coefficient. below 20% on all items. CONCLUSIONS: the educational technology was built and evaluated with satisfactory rates by the specialists and target audience, showing a high correlation of agreement, characterizing it as adequate and informative to informal caregivers.

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