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The Children's Research Centre works with schools, youth organisations, policy working groups and charities on a variety of collaborative projects nationally and internationally. We have established a network of partnerships including Amnesty International UK, The Field Studies Council, UNICEF, UCLAN, Hope Support Services and The Diana Award. Our range of partnerships enable us to engage with diverse groups of children, young people, practitioners and policy makers with a core objective – to support children and young people in designing and carrying out their own independent research.

Our partnerships demonstrate that providing children and young people with an opportunity to be researchers in their own right can foster their participation in society. This is a shared aim with a number of other organisations with whom we regularly collaborate through joint funding ventures. Such collaborations provide an opportunity to engage in academic debate and critical discourse around shared aims and objectives when working with children and young people as researchers. CRC, for example, partners with The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation at the University of Central Lancashire, engages in discussion around their planned programme of research, social action, community engagement, and young researcher group called UCan, and shares outcomes their research. Through such collaborations Children's Research Centre seeks to make children’s research visible and bring to the attention of policy makers the kind of changes that children and young people seek.


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