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The Children's Research Centre has produced a range of resources to support children and young people in designing their own independent research, collecting and analysing data and writing up their research for dissemination. Explore our publications and useful resources together with the Children's Research hub to support your own work with children and young people.

If you are carrying out research with young people, you will find the MyShout! Resources developed by Dr. Cindy Kerawalla a useful way of supporting children’s understanding of the research process. MyShout! adopts a blended learning approach mixing online resources that young people can work on independently approach, supported by intermittent adult-led face-to-face sessions that introduce key research concepts.

The Children's Research Centre has pioneered approaches for supporting child-led research, which has grown considerably in the last ten years, spurred by extensive research evidencing a range of benefits, including: Raised self-esteem and confidence, Development of transferable skills, Enhanced critical thinking skills, Heightened ethical awareness, Enhanced problem-solving ability, More effective communication, Development of independent learning.

The following article by Mary Kellet where discusses the impact of child-led research, in terms of its contribution to the body of knowledge on childhoods and our understanding of children's lived experience, as well as, how child-led research can be influential in policy and practice contexts. Find out more about The Children's Research Centre Hub.

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ERA Research Intelligence (RI) Special Issue cover

Representing Children's Rights from Discussion Through to Illustration and Interpretation

Chamberlain, L. & Cooper, V. (2019) Representing children’s rights from discussion through to illustration and interpretation, BERA Research Intelligence (RI) Special Issue: 30 years of the UNCRC: International perspectives on inclusive educational research with childre

Developing children as researchers

Developing children as researchers

Kim, C-Y., Kerawalla, L. & Sheehy, K. (2017) Developing children as researchers: A practical guide to helping children conduct research. David Fulton Books.)

Chae-Young Kim with Kieron Sheehy and Cindy Kerawalla has developed a practical guidebook that gives teachers - and other adults who work with children - a set of structured session plans to facilitate children to conduct social science research.

Children as researchers in primary schools

Children as researchers in primary schools

Bucknall, S. (2012) Children as researchers in primary schools. London & New York: Routledge.

  • Background
  • A model for good practice
  • Interactive activities introducing and consolidating each step of the research process
  • Suggestions for reflection and evaluation
  • Photocopiable resources
  • Suggestions for further reading 
How to develop children as researchers

How to develop children as researchers

Kellett, M. (2005) How to develop children as researchers. London: Paul Chapman Publishing.

  • Differentiated teaching programme
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Photocopiable resources
  • Interactive activities
  • Games

Useful Resources

Our Story App

Read more about an innovative methodology for capturing young children's curiosity, imagination and voices using Our Story, a free app developed by researchers at the Open University.

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