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Open Access articles:

'Let other people matter: An ethical and sustainable translation industry values its people' by Lydia Marquardt

'Emotional skills training – it matters to all language professionals' by Severine Hubscher-Davidson

'My Disability Forced Me To Become More Visible in My Work as a Translator' by Amanda Sarasien

'Why We Should Translate Literature About Trauma' by Jenna Tang

'Translating in Darkness' by Lara Vergnaud

'The Tactility of Translation; The Translation of Tactility' by Marta Dziurosz

'Protecting children through words' by Nicole Fenwick

'Translation, in Sickness and in Health' by Lara Vergnaud

'The impact of COVID-19 on linguists and their mental health' by Severine Hubscher-Davidson

'The psychological benefits of multilingualism' by Severine Hubscher-Davidson

'What Translating a Firsthand Account of Life in Auschwitz Taught Me About the Language of Suffering' by David Colmer

'How emotions trick your brain' by Lisa Feldman-Barrett

'True meanings of words of emotion get lost in translation' by Nicola Davis


Useful links:

CIoL Health and Wellbeing Guide

ITI position statement on translators' mental health and wellbeing

More will be added in due course.



- If you would like to learn more about the role of emotions in translators' life and work, the following asynchronous courses may be of interest:

Emotional intelligence for translators (2 hour introductory short course. Can be purchased on an individual basis. Available now)

Emotion management for translators (substantial 18 hour training package. Can be licensed to organisations. Available now)

If you are an interpreter, this Open University course may also be of interest: Multilingualism, Mental Health and Psychological Therapy

NB: as these courses are asynchronous, they can be undertaken whenever is convenient.

- For live (synchronous) coaching webinars on the topic of emotion management and communication, please contact 

Podcast episode and documentary:

Meet the Translator - Mental Health with Dr. Séverine Hubscher-Davidson

Translating the Trauma of War | In Flow of Words | The New Yorker Documentary