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About the team

Our team comprises researchers and members of the public with a wealth of experience of health and social care research with a focus on regulation of professionals, patient experience and patient safety, social care service use, health services research, health inequalities, intervention evaluation, co design of research outputs.

Principal investigators

Louise Wallace

Professor Louise Wallace

Professor of Psychology and Health, The Open University
Louise is a clinical psychologist (non-practising) who researches how to improve health and social care services. She has researched patient safety, management and the governance of healthcare services. She has also researched how the experience of patients, service users and the public can improve services. Louise also has many years of experience as clinician, and executive and non -executive leader in the NHS. Louise is Co -lead of the research.

Sara Ryan

Professor Sara Ryan

Professor of Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University
Sara Ryan is Professor Social Care at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is Co-PI of the project with Louise Wallace and is leading WP3 and WP5. Sara's research has focused on learning disability and autism and she has worked with people with learning disabilities on several projects. Sara is also currently leading NIHR funded projects exploring the experience of loneliness and how to better support people with learning disabilities to lead flourishing lives.


Rosalind Searle Headshot

Professor Rosalind Searle

Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Psychology, University of Glasgow
Rosalind is a chartered occupational psychologist, and researcher with many years studying trust and its breach in a variety of organisations, including health and social care. Her research includes professional misconduct and its consequences, with prior ground-breaking work for Professional Standards Authority. She is leading the workpackage using retrospective case studies and interviews.

Annie Sorbie Headshot

Ms Annie Sorbie

Lecturer in Medical Law and Ethics, University of Edinburgh, School of Law
Annie is a medical lawyer (non-practising) with over 14 years’ experience in the health and regulatory sector. She is Deputy Director of the Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Sciences and the Law, and has a research and teaching portfolio which spans health research regulation and professional regulation, with a focus on patient safety. She is a co-investigator on the project.

Sharif Haider Headshot

Dr Sharif Haider

The Open University
Sharif lectures in social work. He is a Registered Social Worker, educator and researcher in the UK and beyond. His research includes the use of virtual reality simulations for training in social work and nursing, and decolonial approach to mental health of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Sharif will lead on the creation of social work-related outputs.

Gemma Ryan Headshot

Dr Gemma Ryan

The Open University
Gemma is Lecturer in Nursing and is a NMC registered adult nurse-teacher with research experience in a range healthcare providers in the UK and beyond. Her research informs her teaching of online and distance education in health and social care. This includes electronic professionalism in the healthcare sector, and the role of online social networks in healthcare and education. Gemma will lead on the development of online educational resources for healthcare professionals.


Dr Marc Cornock

Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Law, The Open University
Marc is an academic lawyer and Senior Lecturer in Health in the Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies, The Open University. His research focuses on the interface between the law, regulation and health care practice and he has written extensively on this for professional and academic audiences. Marc is a co-investigator on the project.

Gemma Hughes Headshot

Dr Gemma Hughes

The University of Oxford
Gemma is a Health Services Researcher at the University of Oxford. Gemma has researched how policies and practices affect people’s experiences of healthcare, and has experience of working in the NHS and the voluntary sector. Gemma will lead on ethnographic research of Fitness to Practice hearings – studying how the hearings happen and how people experience the hearings.

Richard West Headshot

Mr Richard West

Lay contributor and lead of the Public and Patient Involvement Advisory Group
Richard has been a Patient Advocate for the last 20 years, undertaking voluntary work locally, nationally and internationally in relation to rare diseases and patient involvement in health projects. He has personal experience of fitness to practice, coronial hearings and complex investigations. Richard is a Lay collaborator and lead of the Public and Patient Involvement Advisory Group.


Francesca Ribenfors headshot

Dr Francesca Ribenfors

Manchester Metropolitan University
Francesca is a Research Associate in the department of Social Care and Social Work. Her research has focussed on social care and learning disabilities including housing and transition to adulthood, using various qualitative methods. She has worked in social care services. She will be working across workpackages and supporting with the ethnographic research of Fitness to Practise Hearings.

Lewis Garippa headshot

Lewis Garippa

University of Glasgow
Lewis is a Research Assistant with the University of Glasgow. He holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws in Medical Law and Ethics, and has experience working within the Children’s Hearings Scotland system. His research and interests include access to specialised healthcare services for children, the introduction of new roles within the NHS and the regulation of health and social care professionals, with a focus on patient safety. Lewis will predominately work to support the delivery of the workpackage using retrospective case studies and interviews carried out by the University of Glasgow.

Arne Mueller headshot

Dr Arne Mueller

Manchester Metropolitan University
FArne is a research associate with a background in sociology and qualitative research. He joined Manchester Metropolitan University in 2022. Arne worked in international research projects focussing on clinical disability studies and (participatory) learning disability research.

Project co-ordinator

Emmie Morrissey

Emmie Morrissey

Manchester Metropolitan University
Emmie is a research project manager at Manchester Metropolitan University. Emmie has a degree in pharmacology. She has over 11 years’ experience in leading the coordination and management of health-related research studies, working within an academic clinical trials unit for 7 of those years. She is the project manager and main point of contact for this project.


Graham Pike Headshot

Graham Pike

Professor of Forensic Cognition, The Open University
Graham is a psychologist whose research has focused on witnesses within the criminal justice system. His work has included the development of new investigative procedures and technologies (such as video identification parades and visual interfaces for children) designed to improve the quality of evidence obtained from witnesses. He has also explored the impact that a criminal investigation can have on the mental health and wellbeing of a witness.

Erica Bowen Headshot

Dr Erica Bowen

Erica is a Registered Forensic Psychologist (HCPC), with expertise in research and being an expert witness in judicial proceedings related to family and sexual violence and trauma informed interventions. Erica holds governmental advisory positions for the Ministry of Justice (England and Wales) and the Scottish Government related to domestic violence. She will advise on the emotional impacts of being a witness and the risks of traumatisation.