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Doctorate in Health and Social Care (DHSC)

The professional doctorate is a programme of advanced study and research, with a focus on valuing professional practice and engaging in applied research in the areas of care and advocacy, nursing, leadership in health and social care, as well as social work and social care. 

The programme offers you the chance to enhance your professional career to doctoral level, through making a unique and original contribution to your profession, while continuing to work and progress in your field.

The Professional Doctorate is a flexible part-time degree structured in two stages. It provides you with the opportunity to develop as a researcher, to develop skills and competence in a range of areas, including:

  • research skills and techniques
  • research environment
  • research management
  • personal effectiveness
  • communication skills
  • networking and team working
  • career management.

The programme will also enable you to develop your theoretical understanding and practical application of contemporary research methods to your professional practice.

The professional doctorate not only meets the doctoral benchmarks outlined by HEFCE and quality standards as outlined by the QAA, but also meets the specific needs of your field of practice. 

For more information please visit the professional doctorates page