Find out more about what inspired some of our students to study with us and how their study has enriched their lives and careers.

Aarón Venegas de Frutos: From Ballet to books

Studied: Sports, Fitness and Coaching

I’m learning a lot that I can apply to my work as a dancer.

When I was 19, I joined Scottish Ballet but I wanted to keep my academic studies going. I wouldn’t have been able to do a distance learning degree with a Spanish university because I didn’t have the necessary qualifications, but the OU were happy to accept me. The open entry policy is great because as long as you have the desire to study at university why don’t you deserve to try? I’m learning a lot of things that I am able to apply to my own work as a dancer, such as goal-setting and breathing techniques. Some of them I’d heard about before, but I’m now understanding them a lot better, and able to use them on a daily basis.

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Aarón Venegas de Frutos

Sarah Jones: Discovering a new confidence and purpose in life

Studying: Education

Sarah Jones

The OU is giving me confidence to do things I never knew I wanted to do!

I am loving learning and the more that I learn the more I want to see a change in the world. Originally when I started my studies it was because I wanted to go into a classroom and teach children but now I want to effect policy and effect change for young people. My degree has definitely changed me and my life for the better. It’s given me purpose to carry on. The OU is opening massive doors for me. It’s giving me the confidence to do things I’ve always wanted to do that I never knew I wanted to do!

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Ramatu Mustapha: Bringing diversity and opportunity to education

Studied: Welsh PGCE

The OU has shaped me into the person that I am today.

I come from Nigeria, where I completed a degree in geology, and moved to Wales in 2005. Although Cardiff is becoming more diverse, there are not enough teachers from ethnic minorities. I want to help represent the ethnic minority community within the education sector. And I want to give something back and help the next generation of young people, building them up for the future. Initially, the most challenging element for me was juggling being a mum, my teaching placement and studying. But I’ve overcome this challenge with the support of course staff. The OU has shaped me into the person that I am today. I can manage my home, work and university life - all thanks to the OU.

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Ramatu Mustapha

Donna Edmends: Finding happiness and a fulfilling career

Studied: BA (Hons) Childhood and Youth

Donna Edmends

I now have the best job in the world.

No one thought I would stick to it, including me, but I started the course and immediately the subject matter blew my mind. I’ve never had any idea of what I really wanted to do but this degree showed me that a job in social care was what I was looking for. I now have the best job in the world and I’m not just pretending to be interested! If you’re considering an OU course, jump in and do it. You will get such a confidence boost. It will seem like a huge thing at the start, but it’s all broken down into bite-size manageable chunks. Be brave, life isn’t a rehearsal!

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