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Postgraduate Certificate in Education (available in Wales only)

The OU offers the only distance learning PGCE in the UK. Whether you’re working in a school or looking to change your career (and as long as you have these entry requirements) you can study with us and gain all the skills and experience you need to become a teacher. You’ll learn how to support all pupils and develop their potential across all areas of learning – especially literacy, numeracy, and digital competence. And you’ll also be playing an important role in supporting the promotion of Welsh culture and language. 

Opening the door to a teaching career

To become a teacher, you need to attain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) through accredited providers in Wales and you’ll achieve that with us by practicing your teaching in two different schools in Wales. On graduating you’ll be qualified to work at either primary or secondary school level in Wales, and you can also use your PGCE to teach in England. Most graduates become teachers but the PGCE can also open doors to a range of roles in education, such as local authority education departments, regional consortia in Wales and educational psychology.

Study part-time or as a salaried student

This is the only Employment Based Scheme (EBS) for PGCE students in Wales, and if you already work at a school as a teaching assistant or in a non-teaching role it enables you to take a salaried route to your PGCE by applying for your school to endorse your study. You will then study around your existing school duties as part of your full-time employment and the costs of your study will be covered by a training grant from the Welsh government. If you’re not already working in a school, or the salaried route isn’t right for you, there is a part-time option available. This is the only part-time PGCE option in the UK and it enables you to gain practical teaching experience in a school while working around a part-time job or other life commitments. You can apply for a student loan and part-time maintenance grants to help with the costs. 

Learn from experienced teachers

The course is delivered through online learning and live online seminars, so you will be able to study at home, in school, or on the move. You’ll use our virtual learning environment to access live and recorded tutorials, textbooks, video and audio. Specialist curriculum tutors and in-school mentors will support you both online and face-to-face, plus a dedicated Student Support Team is on hand to give you help and guidance throughout your studies. You can also connect with fellow students through our module discussion groups, so you’ll never be on your own. 

Ready to start your PGCE in Wales? Read the full course details here