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Research, scholarship and knowledge exchange

Our ongoing research informs and enhances our teaching, helping us to develop new ways to support our students and help them succeed.  It plays an important role in making sure that all of the different communities and organisations with whom we work have a voice. 

Research clusters

Our School is organized around two research clusters: Education Futures and the Childhood, Youth and Sport group.

Education Futures

This group is at the forefront of research into contemporary and future teaching practice contributing to the Faculty’s expertise in Transformative Education. It explores topics such as creative and digital pedagogies, pedagogies of inclusion, supporting children’s reading and writing development, teacher development across primary and secondary sectors in ways which influence the educational agenda locally, nationally and internationally. Our Reading for pleasure collaborative work regularly wins awards. One key area of our work is: 

International Teacher Education for Development (ITED) 

ITED has transformed the quality of professional learning for hundreds of thousands of educators across the Global South, improving learning outcomes for millions of learners. Our work has won numerous awards, including the Times Higher Education Award for International Impact (2017), the Guardian Universities Award (2017) and been cited among the Top 20 most impactful examples of UK research contributing to global development by the UK Collaborative on Development Research. 

Childhood, Youth and Sport group 

This group contributes to the Faculty’s expertise in both fields of Children, Young People and Families and Health, Wellbeing and Social Care.  Our multi-disciplinary research generates evidence from a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, including developmental psychology, sociology, anthropology and ethnography, to address research questions in the areas of children’s, young people’s and sportspersons’ lived experiences and development. It contributes to nationally and globally important practices, policies and debates across issues such as learning, language, inclusion, social justice and physical and mental health.  

We are well networked with researchers collaborating with both internal and external research centres and groups, in particular the following, where you can find out more about the details of our research and impact:  

Our research centres

Our research groups

Cross-Faculty centres

Cross-Faculty groups