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Health and wellbeing

Researchers in this area focus on a diverse programme of multi-disciplinary research in: applied health; nursing and health professions; care, carers and caring; ageing; death and dying; reproduction; sexualities and sexual health; black women’s health; child health and learning disability. There is internationally recognised expertise in the Centre for Children and young people’s Wellbeing (CCW), within a child rights framework, in: food marketing; critical digital health literacy; embodiment; pain and physical activity and young people’s wellbeing and inequalities. Expertise in elite and professional sport, including ethical mentoring, is located in our Sport and Fitness research cluster. 



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Ageing and Biographical Studies

Known as the Centre for Ageing and Biographical Studies (CABS). Established in 1995, the founder members believed that the experience and aspirations of older people should be at the core of gerontology and biographical research, and teaching on ageing.

The Carers Research Group

The Carers Research Group was established in light of the growth in recognition of carers, their needs and the importance of supporting them. Group's interdisciplinary members collaborate on a wide range of carer-related scholarship and research projects, publications and resources.

The Health Studies Research Group

The Health Studies Research Group (HSRG) is a multi-disciplinary research group exploring the experience of health and illness across the life course through key interrelated research themes.

The Nursing Research Group

The Nursing Research Group's research focuses on professional education and continuing professional development, the quality and impact of nursing and healthcare provision, the experiences and perspectives of nurses, the multidisciplinary team and patients/service users, families and carers.

The Open Thanatology Research Group

The Open Thanatology is The Open University’s interdisciplinary research group for the study and education of death, dying, loss and grief across the life course.

The Reproduction, Sexualities and Sexual Health Research Group

The Reproduction, Sexualities and Sexual Health Research Group (RSSH) explores five key areas: reproductive control, HIV/AIDS, sexuality & disability, the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT+) people and pregnancy & childbirth.

The Social History of Learning Disability Research Group

The Social History of Learning Disability Research Group (SHLD) researches and disseminates learning disability history in ways which are inclusive of people with learning disabilities, their carers, relatives and advocates.

The Sport and Fitness Research Group

The Sport and Fitness Research Group investigates various areas of sport including, sports coaching, transitions in sport, strength & conditioning, athletic injury, post traumatic growth, identity, embodiment, asthma, maltreatment/abuse, sports student experiences, boxing, netball, winter sports and golf.


The Black Women's Health and Wellbeing Research Network

The Black Women's Health and Wellbeing Research Network promotes the health and wellbeing of black women through research and knowledge exchange.

The Carer Research and Knowledge Exchange Network

The Carer Research and Knowledge Exchange Network (CAREN) develops and provides knowledge exchange resources for all those across the globe who require any form of carer-related knowledge.