Content of the programme

The programme is made up of:

  • open learning modules (containing theory and practice) which you study mostly at home with tutorial support
  • one period of 10 days of preparation for practice at Stage Two and two periods of 100 days practice learning (at least one of which must be completed externally) at Stages Three and Four.

To gain the Honours Degree in Social Work you must complete 480 credits (120 credits at each of Stages One, Two, Three and Four).

Programme structure

It should be noted that:

  1. Normally students will progress through the programme as described below; if a student has previously completed one or more modules before registering for the degree, they can be counted in, except for modules at Stage 4..
  2. Students must complete the practice learning modules in order, including K113, and achieve a pass at each stage, before proceeding to the next stage.
  3. Students undertaking the programme over a longer period may opt for a different pattern of study from the one outlined below..
  4. Some of the modules listed below are open to all students. You do not have to be registered for the degree to study them.

Further information regarding the degree programme may be obtained from The Open University in Scotland by e-mailing or calling (0131) 226 3851 and asking for the School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care.

All modules are compulsory apart from at Stage 4 where there is an option to choose between 2 modules. Practice-learning modules are indicated in bold.

Stage 1
Introducing health and social care (K102) – 60 credits
Introducing the social sciences (DD102) – 60 credits

Stage 2
Making a difference: working with children and young people (KE206) – 60 credits
Foundations for social work practice (K113)

Stage 3
Social work law (K271) – 60 credits
Applied social work practice (K216) – 60 credits

Stage 4
Approaches to mental health (K314) - 60 credits (optional)
Investigating health and social care (K323) - 60 credits (optional)
Critical social work practice (K315) - 60 credits

Each stage should be completed before progression onto the next. The practice-learning modules should normally be the last module to be studied at each stage.

If you want to study for this degree but have not yet secured sponsorship, you can still study K102, DD102, K113, KE206, K271 and K314 or K323. You must undergo the Open University selection process and be registered with the SSSC before you can register on the Social Work degree. You may also apply to be considered for credit transfer for some modules at Stages 1 and 2 against previous study.

Modules in the above list are those that are currently available for study. The exact selection will change over time.