Length of the programme

Students can choose whether to study the programme over four or more years.

The choice may depend on the student’s past study experience, experience of distance learning and work and caring commitments.

Students must complete the programme within ten years of initial registration. Permission to exceed this time limit may be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Please note registration as a social work student with the SSSC is for seven years from registration on the social work degree. If this is exceeded a case will need to be made and accepted by the SSSC as to why registration should be extended.

Students can plan their own study pattern within the following limitations:

  • they can register to study a maximum of 120 credits (one complete stage) at any one time
  • they must register for the academic component of each stage (KE206, K271 etc) before, or at the same time as, the practice module for that stage
  • the practice modules must be completed in consecutive order and students cannot study two in one year

All you need to do initially is to decide which module(s) to study in your first year. Around April every year after that you will be sent a ‘Module Choice’ form asking you which module(s) you wish to study in the following year. You can take a year out if you want to, but you must complete the whole programme within ten years of registration.